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We're Good to Go

The “We’re Good To Go” industry standard mark is a self-assessment scheme that has been designed by VisitEngland

The “We’re Good To Go” industry standard mark is a self-assessment scheme that has been designed by VisitEngland in partnership with the national tourist organisations Tourism Northern Ireland, VisitScotland and Visit Wales to provide a ‘ring of confidence’ for all sectors of the tourism industry, as well as reassurance to visitors that businesses have clear processes in place and are following industry and Government COVID-19 guidance on cleanliness and social distancing.

The process aligns to latest UK Government guidelines and there is a requirement that all business signing up have read the relevant public health guidelines and understand the need to aid social distancing and cleanliness. Visit England have also put in place an alert system so that all those signed up receive notification of any relevant changes in this guidance.
Risk Assessment Covid-19
COVID–19 is with us and until such a time as a proven vaccine is found measures to minimise the risk of transmission need to be put in place. We have put this risk assessment together to identify the areas that we have to safely prepare for our guests, our trades people and ourselves

Car Park
Guests arrival will usually be staggered so there will be minimal risk of contact with others. On arrival guests will be instructed to remove luggage from vehicle into the property and the driver will then be directed to the car park. In the situation of more than one car arriving, we will have to deal with the situation on the day.

Front Door/Entrance
On first arrival entry can only be accessed by pressing the doorbell at the front door at the hallway entrance, this will have to be regularly sanitised to reduce any spread of germs. The area is very compact with no possibility of any contamination except those noted.

Guests will have their temperature taken using an infra-red non-contact thermometer. If an abnormally high temperature is recorded then access to the property will not be permitted, and guest will be instructed to return home and seek further medical advice (It is therefore imperative that guests do not travel if they have any symptoms of the Covid -19 virus, however small the symptom is).

Touch free hand sanitiser station is situated at the entrance and all who enter the property are encouraged to use it.

Reception Check-in area
Reception will still take place in the bar lounge area as it affords the adequate space for social distancing. Keys will have been disinfected and placed in envelopes. Guests will be directed to their rooms; we will not carry guest’s baggage to rooms (unless in exceptional circumstances where we will spray disinfectant before carrying luggages).

Public Spaces
Routine cleaning will take place on a regular basis covering the areas that will be used by guests to walk through, sit or meet one another. The bar toilet on the first level usually open for residents will be locked off. All guests have en-suite facilities in their rooms.

“Increase cleaning the common touch points which can experience high volumes of human interaction, therefore easily transmitting and spreading viruses. These touchpoints often include handrails, door handles, push plates, sinks, tables, vending machines and more.”

Guest Bedrooms
All bedrooms will be deep cleaned after guest’s check-out.. Guest bedrooms, which we would normally service daily will now not be serviced for stays of 2 nights or less, unless specifically requested. If clean towels are required, guests are to put the old ones in the supplied linen bag and place outside of bedroom before midday and clean ones will be supplied. The same for cups, if clean cups are required please leave outside before midday and they will be replaced. If the stay is for longer then we will service rooms every 2 days. Staff will be wearing the appropriate PPE.

Dining Room
Having reduced the max number of occupants we can accommodate we are confident that we will be able to serve breakfast and still conform to the government guidelines. However, instead of our normal buffet selection of cereals and fruit etc each table will have it's own station so avoiding as much as possible any cross contamination. All guests are encouraged to use the touch free hand sanitiser station in the corridor before and after breakfast.

Glasses will be washed in a dish wash machine that reaches temperatures of 70+ C. Increase cleaning the common touch points which can experience high volumes of human interaction, therefore easily transmitting and spreading viruses. These touchpoints often include handrails, door handles, lifts and escalators, push plates, sinks, tables, vending machines and more. Tables will be sanitised after guests leave ensuring a virus free surrounding for the next guests.

This area is out of bounds to the general public. We have extremely high procedures in place including the regular sanitizing of the work tops & other areas that will be heavily used.

On site we wash all guest bath sheets, hand towels and bathmats as well as all towels used in the kitchen and general cleaning cloths from different departments of the hotel. A high temperature wash is used to ensure the killing of all bacteria. All bed sheets, pillowcases & duvet covers are sent out to a commercial company who return our bedding to a high standard.

The laundry will be bagged up as normal although the staff will be wearing masks and eye protection as suggested on various webinars. All precautions will take place to reduce any cross contamination. We will assume all bedding is infected, therefore every safeguard possible will be introduced, carried out and maintained.

Guest feeling unwell (Covid-19 symptoms) during stay
Following government guidelines the Guest should inform the owners straight away, if well enough to travel they should return home and arrange for a test (unfortunately there would be no refund as additional cleaning of the guest room would be needed). If not well enough to travel, guest is to self-isolate in their room and medical advice will be sought. Guest will be responsible for any additional charges occurred (additional nights stay).

Unfortunately, no assistance can be given with luggage (unless as described above in Reception above). Keys are to be placed on the bar (they will then be disinfected ready for re-use).

With so much new information being available regularly, we have put in place these measures that will comply to a safe working environment for our staff and the owners.

Every effort will be made to make sure guests feel safe at all times. When new practices are announced, we will amend our work methods and introduce new and updated suggestions to comply.

This is a huge experience we are all going through but we will strive to keep all our guests and ourselves safe at all times.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like a copy of this risk assessment, do not hesitate to Contact us